Fleet/Bulk Sales Discount Program

Splish Splash offers substantial discounts from their already low prices for fleet/bulk sale purchases. This program is specifically designed for high volume car wash users who desire maximum convenience at our lowest prices.

Perfect for:

  • Business vehicle fleets
  • High volume users
  • Gifts for others
  • Employee incentives
  • People who need to project a consistently professional image
  • Anyone who wants maximum convenience at our lowest prices.


Wash QuantityBasic WashSuper WashUltimate WashProtectant Wash
100$700 ($7) Save $100$900 ($9) Save $200$1,100 ($11) Save $300$1,300 ($13) Save $400
250$1,625 ($6.50) Save $375$1,875 ($7.50) Save $875$2,250 ($9) Save $1,250$2,625 ($10.50) Save $1,625
500$3,125 ($6.25) Save $875$3,500 ($7) Save $2,000$4,000 ($8) Save $3,000$4,500 ($9) Save $4,000
1,000$6,000 ($6) Save $2,000$6,500 ($6.50) Save $4,500$7,000 ($7) Save $7,000$8,500 ($8.50) Save $8,500

We also offer RFID passes that are unique to each car. This means there is no unauthorized usage on your fleet plan. Each vehicle is accounted for and recorded. We now have the ability to track usage and, at your request, send you monthly usage reports. You can also have a combination of both RFID passes and Fleet Cards. Splish Splash has RFID passes that can be used for our Unlimited Program that includes unlimited Protectant Splash Washes.

The RFID pass prices are:
# of VehiclesExpress Pass
1-5 vehicles$35/month per vehicle
6-15 vehicles$30/month per vehicle
16-25 vehicles$25/month per vehicle
26 + vehicles$20/month per vehicle

Water Conservation

By washing your car at Splish Splash, you are actually conserving water and helping the environment. By using state-of-the art car wash equipment and design practices, Splish Splash Car Wash reclaims and recycles the majority of water used in the wash process. This equates to significant water savings over traditional commercial car washes or do-it-yourself car washing.