Wash Your Car for a Cause


Many organizations around Colorado are teaming up with Splish Splash to fundraise.


Here’s how it works: Contact Car Wash Express (contact information below) and explain your fundraising needs. Splish Splash will then design a voucher with your organization’s information on it and the location of the nearest Splish Splash. It’s simple. Bring the voucher in to your local Splish Splash, buy either a Super or an Ultimate car wash, and Car Wash Express will donate either $1 (for the Super) or $2 (for the Ultimate)! Hold on to your voucher and use it as many times as you want. Just show it to the Car Care Advisor when you purchase your wash. Give a voucher to your neighbors, friends and family. Get everyone involved in fundraising.


Splish Splash will take care of the costs associated with printing vouchers and posting information on the website. The amount of money raised is completely up to your organization. The more people you give vouchers to, the more money Splish Splash will donate!


Some of the organizations that qualify are:


Sporting Teams

Church Groups

Non-profit Organizations

Service Clubs

And many more…


If you would like additional information, please contact Brett Meinberg at 303.779.9009 ext.302 or email him at


Current Fundraisers: